Best Power Supplies 2023

Choosing the right power supply for your PC is tough, we make it simple.


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Best Power Supplies for your PC

When it comes to building a new computer or upgrading an existing one, one of the most critical components is the power supply unit (PSU). A good PSU not only ensures stable and reliable power delivery to your system but also protects your valuable components from power surges and failures. With so many options on the market, from high-end models with modular cables and platinum efficiency ratings to budget-friendly options that get the job done, it can be challenging to choose the best PSU for your needs. In this blog post, we will explore the top power supplies available, offering a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision when it comes to selecting the best PSU for your system.

Choosing the Right Power Supply

Before delving into the best power supply for your PC, there are several areas to consider. You don’t want to buy a power supply that’s like a nuclear reactor, unless you’re planning to use your PC as a space heater. You want to get just enough wattage for your system’s needs, without wasting money or energy. Here are some tips on how to do that:

  1. Use a power supply calculator. Our favorites are:

  2. Consider your current and future graphics cards. Are you planning on upgrading soon? Make sure to include the upgraded graphics card in your calculations.

  3. Measure your case. Avoiding the frustration of a new power supply not fitting in that perfectly designed case. Measure!

  4. Go modular. A modular power supply allows you to use only the cable you need, improve airflow, and makes troubleshooting problems a whole lot easier.

Gaming PC powered by a Power Supply
Gaming PC powered by a Power Supply

Best Power Supplies for your PC

For individuals who don't want to spend more on their mid-range system and don't intend to upgrade to a new-generation GPU (that requires a 12+4 pin connector1), the Corsair CX650M ranks number one on our list for cost-effective power supply units. It provides excellent performance and is sufficiently quiet. The CX650M, has a 650W capacity and a 40°C rating. There are non-modular and semi-modular units in the CX series2.

Due to its reasonable pricing and excellent overall performance, the CX650M offers excellent performance per dollar.



  • Low price

  • fairly quiet

  • 650 Watts of power

  • Great for mid-range builds

  • Fan speed at light loads

  • Sleeve-bearing fan

  • Distance between peripheral connectors

Best Value

Corsair CX-M Series, CX650MCorsair CX-M Series, CX650M

be quiet! Dark Power 12

The Dark Power 12 750W is a power supply like no other. It is certified with 80 PLUS Titanium and has an energy efficiency rating of up to 95.9%. It also has a standby drain of below 0.1 watts. The Dark Power 12 750W can supply 750W of power, ideal for gamers looking to take advantage of resource-demanding components. With an 80 PLUS Titanium rating, you get up to 95.9% efficiency at 50% load.

This power supply takes silent operations to a whole new level!



  • Nearly silent

  • Energy efficient

  • 750 Watts of power

  • Cooler operation

  • Modular

  • May not be powerful enough for some graphics cards


be quiet! BN514 Straight Power 12-750wbe quiet! BN514 Straight Power 12-750w

The Cooler Master XG850 is one of our favorite RGB power supplies on the market. Providing outstanding electrical performance, this unit's power quality is in every way exceptional. Additionally, it complies with the standards for 80Plus Platinum efficiency.

A 135mm fluid dynamic bearing fan on the Cooler Master XG850 Plus Platinum starts to rotate using Smart Thermal Control Mode at 50% output power. As a result, the PC feels quieter while operating.



  • RGB

  • Excellent power quality

  • 850 Watts of power

  • Very quiet

  • Higher price compared to other power supplies with similar features


Cooler Master XG850 Plus PlatinumCooler Master XG850 Plus Platinum

The Corsair SF750 is the most powerful SFX power supply currently available. It is in a league of its own, providing clean, reliable power and astonishingly producing 750 watts in the diminutive SFX form factor. It has an extremely high-power density and can sustain a very powerful system with power-hungry components. Most importantly, it is able to maintain low output noise levels despite challenging circumstances.

Overall, the Corsair SF750 takes the phrase, "small but mighty" to a whole new level.



  • Clean, consistent power

  • SFX form factor

  • Low output noise

  • Hold-up time slower than similar models

  • Expensive

Best SFX

Corsair SF Series, SF750Corsair SF Series, SF750

We adore the Asus ROG Thor power supply because it is sleek look and seamless performance. With a 1000W capacity, it can power any gaming PC, including those with RTX 4090 and Intel Core i9-13900K processors. The OLED/RGB panel on the side gives your PC a certified gamer look.

This Asus ROG Thor has an 80 Plus Platinum certification, is completely modular and ATX 3.0 approved. It has a PCIe Gen 5.0 12-pin power connector for some of the most potent GPUs you can buy.



  • RGB

  • High wattage

  • Modular

  • Expensive

  • Some cables are not sleeved



ASUS ROG Thor 1000WASUS ROG Thor 1000W

The Corsair HX1200 is our top power supply for gaming computers. With 1200 Watts of power this power supply can power even the most taxing GPUs. The LAMBDA-A noise rating guarantees that this power supply is exceptionally quiet. Certified platinum the HX1200 offers an efficiency rating of 90-94%. Plus, it is super easy to install.

All the power you will need at a great price. Perfect for gamers who have power hungry GPUs or those who are upgrading soon.



  • Full power at 46*C

  • Efficient and Silent

  • Can support any GPUs

  • Easy to install

  • A bit larger than average

Top Gaming PSP

Corsair HX Series, HX1200Corsair HX Series, HX1200

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