Our Review of the Meta Quest 3

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11/5/20239 min read

Our Meta Quest 3 Review

Our team recently embarked on a journey to review the latest VR product to hit the market, the Meta Quest 3. With high expectations and adrenaline running through our veins, we delved into the immersive virtual world that the Quest 3 offered. The stunning graphics, productive workspaces, and realistic gameplay immediately captivated us, transporting us to a realm filled with endless possibilities. As we progressed further into the VR, we encountered challenging quests, friends from around the world, and a plethora of apps to explore. Overall, the Meta Quest 3 headset is an innovative and powerful device that revolutionizes the virtual reality experience. With its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design, this headset takes immersion to a whole new level. Read on to see how we reviewed all aspects of the Quest 3. From its comfort and accessibility to its gameplay and graphics, we cover it all!

a man sitting at a desk wearing a Meta Quest 3
a man sitting at a desk wearing a Meta Quest 3


The new design of the Meta Quest 3 comes with several impressive features that set it apart from its older models. To begin, the Meta Quest 3 boasts a sleek and modern design that not only enhances its aesthetics but also improves its overall functionality. The device is now more compact than before making it highly portable and convenient to use. However, it weighs around the same as the Quest 2 (~459 grams).


The Meta Quest 3 incorporates advanced technology that delivers a more immersive virtual reality experience. The improved display resolution provides sharper and more realistic graphics. The 3 features a 110-degree FOV which is a big jump over the Quest 2's 90-degree field of vision. Plus, the design team opted for pancake lenses over the older Fresnel version. This leads to edge-to-edge clarity and less lens glare. Also, the Quest 3 now has a continuous IPD adjustment, This means the lens can adjust between 58 and 70 mm. Finding the "sweet spot" can be obtained with ease.


The enhanced audio system ensures a more immersive and captivating audio experience than the Quest 2. Less interference and an easy-to-use volume knob allow users to hear the Metaverse like never before. The Quest 3 features a 3.5mm audio jack for wired headphones. Bluetooth headphones do not work well because of a noticeable lag.


After changing some of the internal design from the Quest 2, the 3 is able to sit an inch closer to your face. This allows for a better weight distribution which means less pressure on your temples and cheeks. Redesigned to be easier to adjust, the soft, fabric head strap holds the headset firmly in place without exerting too much pressure. A more durable, plastic, and adjustable one is available for $70.

New Features of the Meta Quest 3


"Overall the look of the Quest 3 is super sleek and cool looking. Definitely not as nice as glasses or contacts will be one day, but a step in the right direction. The carrying case we got makes it easy to transport as well."


"The display is much better than the Quest 2. However, it still has room to improve. The group had differing opinions on the ease of finding the "sweet spot". Half the group found it difficult to find the perfect setting for text and the other half did not. Gaming graphics were good all around. The quality of graphics depends on the app you are using but are overall pretty awesome. You're going to find better graphics on any 4k monitor, but Meta is getting closer with each new rendition."


"Compared to the Quest 2 the audio quality was moderately better. The volume knob on the outside of the device was very convenient and much appreciated. However, we all agreed that when paired with wired headphones the audio quality was much better than the Quest 3's standard speakers. Also, if others are in the room they will likely be able to hear a muffled version of what you are listening to, which some can find annoying."


"Our group was once again split over this aspect of the Quest 3. Half of us were very pleased by the comfort of the actual headset. We easily wore it for 1.5+ hours with no qualms. The others thought the headset did not fit quite right. Mild discomfort set it around 20-30 minutes. Each group tried the original strap and the upgraded plastic one. The upgraded one was a clear winner and definitely worth the $70. For those with long hair, a ponytail was a bit of an inconvenience."


Our Opinions


The battery life of the Quest 3 clocks in right around 2 hours. An additional rear-mounted battery pack extends the headset's life by an additional 2 hours or more. A USB-C 18W cable charges the device. The controllers are powered by a single AA battery.


"For most, the battery life was sufficient. Third-party accessories, like these, can easily bump total battery life to 8 hours or more which is plently of enough time. It takes nearly 2.5 hours to fully charge so if you don't have an external battery pack, plan accordingly."

The setup process is simple and easy. Facebook accounts are no longer necessary to create, but Meta accounts are. Once you power on your Quest 3 after charging it for the first time, the instructions to connect to the internet and download all firmware upgrades appear. To pair your device, you'll need to install the Meta Quest software on your Android or Apple phone or tablet. Once paired, you generally won't need to use it again unless you wish to broadcast live from the headset to a screen so others can watch.

After that, you can choose to set up a stationary or room-scale barrier (which you can modify at any moment) in the Quest 3. If you select the room-scale option, the headset will automatically map out the room as you move around it. Geometric patterns will appear to show you where you have and have not scanned.

The Meta Quest 3 Setup

"We all agree that the setup was pretty easy and straightforward. Some of the less techy people had trouble setting up the boundaries at first but after some time understood the process."

Meta Quest 3 Headset
Meta Quest 3 Headset

Gaming and Performance

The Meta Quest 3 offers an exceptional VR gaming experience with its top-notch performance. Equipped with a Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chip, this virtual reality headset is designed to provide gamers with immersive gameplay and crystal-clear visuals. With its powerful processor and high-resolution display, the Meta Quest 3 delivers a smooth and lag-free gaming session. Whether you are playing action-packed games or exploring virtual worlds, this headset ensures a mostly seamless and enjoyable experience. With its intuitive controls and responsive tracking, you can easily navigate through the virtual environment with precision. Overall, the Meta Quest 3 is a game-changer in the world of virtual reality gaming, offering an unparalleled level of immersion and performance.

Our team has been testing every game they can get their hands on. From playing basketball in VR "chat rooms" to Webslinger and Beat Saber we've been playing them all. The graphics are decent (not 4k gaming monitor comparable, but decent) and the games are overall pretty fun. Some games have a few glitches but in general seem to run smoothly. We are excited for Assasin's Creed Nexus VR which comes out on November 16th and Asgard's Wrath 2 which comes out on December 15, so stay tuned for those reviews!

For extra games not available directly in the headset, you can purchase an Oculus Link cable. This cable allows users to play SteamVR games while simultaneously charging the headset.

Passthrough Technology

The passthrough technology of the Meta Quest 3 is an innovative feature that allows for an enhanced mixed reality gaming experience. By seamlessly blending the real world with virtual elements, players can immerse themselves in a truly interactive and dynamic gameplay environment. Whether it is fighting off virtual enemies in your living room or exploring fantastical landscapes in your backyard, the possibilities for gaming are limitless.

Additionally, this technology can also be utilized for productive purposes. For instance, it can help architects visualize designs in real time or aid in medical procedures by overlaying virtual information onto the physical world. The passthrough technology of the Meta Quest 3 opens up a whole new realm of possibilities, bridging the gap between virtual and real, and revolutionizing both gaming and practical applications.

"The quality of the passthrough images are a bit grainy. For instance, you can clearly see where and what everything is but it is a bit tricky to read the words off of a computer monitor or phone. One of the only mixed reality games, First Encounters, is a good demo of what we can expect in the future. MR was an enjoyable experience through and through."


The Quest 3 controllers come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, these controllers offer improved tracking and precision, making the gameplay experience more immersive and enjoyable. They are also ergonomically designed, fitting comfortably in the player's hands for extended periods of gaming. Additionally, the controllers have a long battery life (well over 20 hours), allowing for uninterrupted gameplay sessions. Each controller is powered by one AA battery.

However, there are also some drawbacks to consider. Some users have reported connectivity issues, experiencing occasional lag or disconnection during gameplay. Lastly, the controllers are not compatible with previous Oculus models, limiting their usability to the Quest 3 only.

Meta Quest 3 controllers
Meta Quest 3 controllers

"Everyone thought the Meta team did an excellent job with the design of the controllers. Easy to hold and maneuver, these controllers are definitely lighter and more ergonomic than previous models. We would also recommend controller grips which allowed for hands free gaming and less stress on the hands. However, we did experience some loss of connection during certain games which was frustrating and could only be resolved by rebooting the system."

Our Rating of the Meta Quest 3

Is the Meta Quest 3 Worth it?

So the question we all want to know the answer to. Is the Meta Quest 3 worth $499?

The Meta Quest 3 is definitely worth the money for several reasons. Firstly, its immersive virtual reality experience is unmatched, allowing users to truly feel like they are inside of any game. The graphics and audio quality are outstanding, providing a realistic and captivating environment. Additionally, the Meta Quest 3 offers a wide range of games and apps, catering to various interests and preferences. Whether you enjoy action-packed adventures or peaceful simulations, there is something for everyone. Furthermore, the Meta Quest 3 is user-friendly, although new VR users may require some patience initially to learn the system. However, once you get the hang of it, navigating through menus and interacting with the virtual world becomes effortless. In conclusion, the Meta Quest 3 offers a fantastic VR experience with its exceptional visuals, diverse content, and ease of use. We hope you enjoyed our review and would love to hear your thoughts on Meta Quest 3.

Below we've provided the links to all of the accessories we discussed throughout the review as well as some additional ones we've found through our research. Shameless plug, if you enjoyed this review and would like to buy a Meta Quest 3 please use this referral link or any link from the accessory section below. These links to products help us cover the costs of running this blog so we would really appreciate it! Happy gaming!

Meta Quest 3 Accessories

Meta Quest 3 128GB

Controller Grips

16 FT Link Cable

These controller grips come highly rated by our entire team. The AMVR Controller Grip Cover is a soft silicone accessory for the Quest 3. It protects your controllers from damage and provides better grip and comfort. It has a battery opening design, nylon Velcro straps, and plastic battery pull tabs.

The machine that the review is all about! Get started with VR today with the Meta Quest 3. As an added bonus you will get Asgard's Wrath 2 which comes out in December 2023!

Meta Quest 3Meta Quest 3
Controller Grips for Meta Quest 3Controller Grips for Meta Quest 3
16 foot link cable for Quest 316 foot link cable for Quest 3

The YRXVW Link Cable 16FT connects your Oculus Quest 3/2/Pro VR headset to your PC for low latency and high-output gaming. It supports fast data transfer and charging and has a durable and flexible design. It works with USB C and USB 3.0 ports

Quest 3 Elite Strap + Battery

Carrying Case

Silicone Mask Face Cover

An essential component for any Quest user who wants to transport their headset quickly and safely. It perfectly fits the headset and controllers inside and provides the ultimate protection during travel. A must-have!

This strap is key to long-term Quest comfort. Plus as an added bonus the battery pack allows for an additional 3-5 of VR time. All of our testers 100% recommend this!

This black VR silicone mask face cover is designed to fit Meta Quest 3. It is sweatproof, lightproof, and anti-leakage. The cover is made of silicone, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. Plus, it adds an extra level of comfort!

Elite head strap and extra battery for Quest 3Elite head strap and extra battery for Quest 3
Meta Quest 3 Carrying CaseMeta Quest 3 Carrying Case

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