Pros and Cons of the iPhone 15

Are you thinking of upgrading to the latest iPhone 15? Before you make your decision, read our blog article to find out if the iPhone 15 is really worth the hype or not.


10/22/20236 min read

Is the iPhone 15 worth the upgrade?

With the constant advancements in technology, the release of the iPhone 15 has sparked curiosity and excitement among tech enthusiasts. In this blog article, our team delves into the pros and cons of upgrading to the latest iteration of Apple's iconic smartphone. We will compare the iPhone 15 with its predecessors and see how they differ in terms of design, performance, camera, battery life, and features. Our author will also include their personal review. By weighing these factors, we wish to help readers make an informed decision on whether upgrading to the iPhone 15 is worth it for them.

New Features of the iPhone 15

With the price tag starting from $799, the iPhone 15 is a financial investment. In the following sections, our tech team will break down each component of the new iPhone, so you can be better informed before dishing out that hard-earned cash. In many instances, we will use the iPhone 14 as the comparison phone. Let's begin with the design.

a person holding an iPhone 15 in their hand
a person holding an iPhone 15 in their hand


The design of the iPhone 15 differs significantly from its predecessors. Apple has introduced a sleek and futuristic look, incorporating an edge-to-edge display that seamlessly blends into the frame. Additional color options are also available including black, blue, green, yellow, and pink. The thinner bezels enhance the immersive experience while providing a larger display area. The back of the iPhone 15 features a glossy glass finish, adding a touch of elegance and allowing for wireless charging capabilities. Additionally, Apple has made improvements in the overall build quality, using more durable materials that help withstand accidental drops and everyday wear and tear. The iPhone 15 represents a leap forward in terms of design, offering a visually stunning and robust device that exceeds the expectations of Apple enthusiasts.


The performance of the iPhone 15 is undoubtedly superior when compared to its predecessors. With groundbreaking advancements in technology, the iPhone 15 offers lightning-fast processing speeds and seamless multitasking capabilities. Its powerful A15 Bionic chip ensures smooth and efficient performance, allowing users to effortlessly navigate through applications and enjoy graphically intensive games without any lag. Furthermore, the iPhone 15 boasts an impressive battery life, enabling users to enjoy extended usage hours without constantly worrying about recharging.

a comparison of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 14
a comparison of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 14


Lights, camera, action! The new iPhone 15 boasts a remarkable camera compared to its predecessors. With cutting-edge technology and advanced features, it takes mobile photography to the next level. The camera resolution has been significantly enhanced, offering stunning clarity and sharpness in every shot. The improved low-light capabilities ensure that even in dimly lit environments, your photos are vivid and detailed. The dual lens system allows for a wider range of zoom options, capturing both distant landscapes and close-up subjects with precision. Additionally, the image stabilization feature minimizes any unwanted blurring, resulting in professional-looking images. New modes include cinematic mode, action mode, and HDR video recording.

The iPhone 15 camera also introduces innovative editing tools, enabling you to further enhance and personalize your photos effortlessly. Whether you are a professional photographer or simply love capturing everyday moments, the iPhone 15 camera is a game-changer, delivering exceptional image quality and endless creative possibilities.

close up of the iPhone 15 camera
close up of the iPhone 15 camera

Battery Life

The battery life of the iPhone 15 is significantly improved compared to its older models. With advanced technology and optimized power management, users can now enjoy longer usage without worrying about frequent recharging. The iPhone 15 offers an impressive battery capacity that can easily last throughout the day, even with heavy usage. Whether you are browsing the internet, streaming videos, or playing games, this device ensures a seamless experience with extended battery life. You can now stay connected and productive for longer periods without the need to constantly search for a power source. The iPhone 15s sets a new standard in battery performance, enhancing the overall user experience and providing convenience for everyday life.

Niko's Personal Review

I have been using the iPhone 15 Pro Max for a few weeks now, and I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, it is a very powerful and beautiful device that offers many features and benefits. On the other hand, it is also very expensive and bulky, and it has some drawbacks and limitations that may not suit everyone’s needs and preferences. For reference, I use this phone for both work and personal use.

To begin, I decided to upgrade to the iPhone 15 Pro Max because Verizon was running a trade-in special and I got a lot of money back from trading in my iPhone 11 Pro. I was curious to see what the new model had to offer, and I was impressed by some of the improvements. For example, the display is stunning, with a 6.7-inch OLED screen that supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision, and a 120Hz refresh rate that makes everything look smooth and fluid. The camera is also amazing, with four lenses that can take high-quality photos and videos in any lighting condition, and support macro photography, portrait mode, night mode, cinematic mode, and more. The processor is very fast and can handle any task or game without lagging or overheating. The USB-C port is convenient and compatible with many devices and accessories (Although not any of the older iPhone wires.)

However, there are also some things that I don’t like about the iPhone 15 Pro Max. First of all, it is very pricey, starting at $1,199.99 for the base model with 128GB of storage. If I had not received the Verizon credits, the chances of me upgrading would have dropped significantly. If you want more storage or add AppleCare+, the price goes up even higher. You also have to pay extra for accessories like earphones, chargers, or cases. Secondly, it is very big and heavy, measuring 6.33 x 3.07 x 0.3 inches and weighing 8.46 ounces. It can be hard to hold and use with one hand, and it may not fit in your pocket or purse easily. You may also need a case to protect it from scratches and drops. Thirdly, it has no headphone jack, which means you have to use wireless earphones or an adapter to listen to music or make calls. This can be annoying if you have wired earphones that you like or if you run out of battery on your wireless ones.

In conclusion, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is an amazing phone that offers many features and benefits for users who want the best of the best. However, it also has some drawbacks and limitations that may not suit everyone’s needs and preferences. Ultimately, you have to decide if the iPhone 15 Pro Max is worth the money and the hassle for you. I hope this review was helpful for you!

Is the Upgrade Worth it?

In conclusion, whether or not upgrading to the iPhone 15 is worth it depends on a variety of factors. The iPhone 15 boasts a range of new features and improvements, such as a more powerful processor, enhanced camera capabilities, and a larger display. For individuals who heavily rely on their smartphones for work or enjoy capturing high-quality photos and videos, the upgrade could be worthwhile. However, for those who are content with their current device and do not require the latest advancements, sticking with their current iPhone model may be a more cost-effective option. Additionally, considering the potential price increase for the iPhone 15, individuals should carefully evaluate their budget and prioritize their needs before making a decision. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to weigh the pros and cons and determine if the upgrade aligns with their preferences and requirements. We hope this article helps. If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to one of our text experts!

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