The Best Smart Home Devices of 2024

A curated list of the most essential smart home tech


2/29/202411 min read

The Best Smart Home Devices of 2024

Spring is in the air, and with it comes the annual tradition of spring cleaning and home improvement projects. It's a time for renewal, making it the perfect opportunity to upgrade your living space with the latest smart home technology. Moreover, with tax refund season upon us, investing that extra cash into enhancing your home's convenience, security, and efficiency can be both rewarding and wise. Here's why smart home devices are the perfect choice for your spring refresh and how you can use your tax refund to make lasting improvements to your home.

Upgrade Your Home This Spring with Smart Tech

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Why Invest in Smart Home Tech?

Smart home technology offers a seamless, integrated way to control and optimize your living environment. From energy savings to improved security, the convenience of managing your home with a few taps on your smartphone or voice commands has never been more accessible. As we embrace the warmer months, smart devices can help you maintain the perfect home atmosphere, ensure your property is secure, and even save on energy bills.

Top 20 Smart Home Devices for Spring 2024

1. Smart Thermostat

  • Why It's a Must-Have: Automate your home’s temperature for ultimate comfort and energy efficiency. Perfect for adapting to changing seasons without lifting a finger.

  • Key Features: Learns your habits to optimize heating and cooling schedules, remote control via smartphone app, compatibility with most HVAC systems.

  • Pros and Cons: Reduces energy bills significantly, though initial setup requires some technical know-how.

  • Customer Reviews Highlight: "A smart investment that paid off in comfort and savings."

  • Price Range: $100-$200

Smart thermostatSmart thermostat

2. Smart LED Bulb Starter Kit

  • Why It's a Must-Have: Set the mood in any room with customizable lighting colors and schedules. Energy-efficient LEDs last longer and save more.

  • Key Features: Millions of color options, app and voice control, programmable schedules, and scenes.

  • Pros and Cons: Transforms any room's ambiance but requires compatible hubs for full functionality.

  • Customer Reviews Highlight: "Revolutionized the way I light my home. Easy to use and fun."

  • Price Range: $80-$150

Smart LED Bulb kitSmart LED Bulb kit

3. Ring Video Doorbell

  • Why It's a Must-Have: Enhance your home security with real-time video alerts and communication with visitors, no matter where you are.

  • Key Features: HD video, motion detection, two-way audio, night vision, works with smartphones.

  • Pros and Cons: Adds a layer of security and convenience; requires Wi-Fi and may need a subscription for all features.

  • Customer Reviews Highlight: "Peace of mind in a small, easy-to-install device."

  • Price Range: $60-$200

Ring doorbell video cameraRing doorbell video camera

4. Smart Lock

  • Why It's a Must-Have: Secure your home with keyless entry, remote access, and the ability to track who comes and goes.

  • Key Features: Remote locking/unlocking via app, customizable access codes, usage history, and alerts.

  • Pros and Cons: Offers high security and convenience; installation can be complex for some door types.

  • Customer Reviews Highlight: "Never worry about lost keys again. Total control over my home’s security."

  • Price Range: $75-$300

Smart lockSmart lock

5. Robot Vacuum

  • Why It's a Must-Have: Keep your floors impeccably clean with minimal effort. Perfect for busy individuals or anyone who dislikes vacuuming.

  • Key Features: Automated cleaning schedules, smart navigation, app control, compatibility with voice assistants.

  • Pros and Cons: Saves time and effort on cleaning; may struggle with very thick carpets or cluttered rooms.

  • Customer Reviews Highlight: "My home has never been cleaner. It’s like having a personal cleaning assistant."

  • Price Range: $200-$600

Shark robot vacuumShark robot vacuum

5. Smart Garden System

  • Why It's a Must-Have: Grow herbs, vegetables, or flowers indoors year-round with automated light, water, and nutrient management.

  • Key Features: Automated LED grow lights, self-watering system, companion app with plant care tips.

  • Pros and Cons: Makes indoor gardening accessible and successful; initial cost and refill supplies can add up.

  • Customer Reviews Highlight: "A green thumb made easy. Fresh herbs in my kitchen, always."

  • Price Range: $50-$200

Smart garden system controlled via app on phoneSmart garden system controlled via app on phone

7. Wi-Fi Mesh System

  • Why It's a Must-Have: Eliminate dead zones and ensure strong Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home, essential for a smooth smart home experience.

  • Key Features: Seamless coverage, easy setup, device prioritization, guest networks, parental controls.

  • Pros and Cons: Solves Wi-Fi connectivity issues; setup and configuration may require some technical understanding.

  • Customer Reviews Highlight: "Finally, Wi-Fi that works everywhere in my house."

  • Price Range: $200-$400

Wifi mesh systemWifi mesh system

8. Voice Assistant Speaker

  • Why It's a Must-Have: Control your smart home devices, play music, get information, and more, all with voice commands.

  • Key Features: High-quality audio, voice recognition, integration with numerous smart home devices, and apps.

  • Pros and Cons: The hub of a smart home; privacy concerns for some users.

  • Customer Reviews Highlight: "Transformed how I interact with my home. Convenient and fun."

  • Price Range: $50-$200

Alexa smart speakerAlexa smart speaker

9. Outdoor Smart Plug

  • Why It's a Must-Have: Bring smart control to your outdoor lighting and appliances. Perfect for holiday decorations or creating the ideal patio ambiance.

  • Key Features: Weather-resistant, app-controlled, scheduling features, compatible with voice assistants.

  • Pros and Cons: Extends smart home convenience outdoors; Wi-Fi range limitations may apply.

  • Customer Reviews Highlight: "Outdoor lighting and gadgets under my control, rain or shine."

  • Price Range: $25-$50

outdoor smart plugoutdoor smart plug

10. Smart Air Purifier

  • Why It's a Must-Have: Ensure your home's air is clean and healthy, automatically adjusting to remove pollutants and allergens.

  • Key Features: Real-time air quality monitoring, HEPA filters, app control, compatible with smart home systems.

  • Pros and Cons: Provides health benefits, especially for allergy sufferers; filter replacements can be an ongoing cost.

  • Customer Reviews Highlight: "Breathing easier with noticeably cleaner air in my home."

  • Price Range: $100-$300

Smart air purifierSmart air purifier

11. Google Nest Hub Max

  • Why It's a Must-Have: Offers a visual and interactive way to control your smart home, make video calls, and stream media.

  • Key Features: 10-inch HD screen, stereo speakers, built-in Nest Cam for security.

  • Pros and Cons: Expansive display and features enhance smart home control; however, it's tied heavily to the Google ecosystem.

  • Customer Reviews Highlight: "Versatile device that enhances my daily routine."

  • Price Range: $200-$300

Google Nest Hub MaxGoogle Nest Hub Max

12. Amazon Echo Show 15

  • Why It's a Must-Have: Acts as a smart home command center, displaying calendars, reminders, and streaming content.

  • Key Features: 15.6-inch display, customizable widgets, integrates with Alexa.

  • Pros and Cons: Large screen ideal for family organization; may require wall-mounting.

  • Customer Reviews Highlight: "A central hub for all my smart home devices."

  • Price Range: $250-$350

Amazon Echo Show 15Amazon Echo Show 15

13. Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight Camera

  • Why It's a Must-Have: Provides top-tier home security with clear video and advanced features.

  • Key Features: 4K HDR video, color night vision, 180-degree view, two-way audio.

  • Pros and Cons: High-quality video and features; premium pricing.

  • Customer Reviews Highlight: "Crystal clear security footage, day or night."

  • Price Range: $200-$500

Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight CameraArlo Ultra 2 Spotlight Camera

14. Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

  • Why It's a Must-Have: More than just a refrigerator, it's a smart home hub that lets you manage groceries, connect with family, and entertain.

  • Key Features: Touchscreen display, internal cameras, connectivity with other smart devices, meal planning, and entertainment options.

  • Pros and Cons: Centralizes kitchen and family organization; however, it's at a premium price point and may require a tech-savvy mindset.

  • Customer Reviews Highlight: "This fridge was an evolutionary appliance that changed how we interact with our kitchen."

  • Price Range: $1,500-$4,000

Samsung Family Hub RefrigeratorSamsung Family Hub Refrigerator

15. Sonos Arc

  • Why It's a Must-Have: Delivers premium sound quality with smart capabilities for an immersive audio experience.

  • Key Features: Dolby Atmos support, voice control, multi-room audio system integration.

  • Pros and Cons: Superior sound quality and features; high price point and requires good Wi-Fi.

  • Customer Reviews Highlight: "The sound is outstanding, transforming my living room into a theater."

  • Price Range: $800-$1,000

Sonos ArcSonos Arc

16. Netatmo Smart Weather Station

  • Why It's a Must-Have: Provides detailed climate monitoring inside and outside your home for health and comfort.

  • Key Features: Measures temperature, humidity, air quality, and CO2 levels; app integration.

  • Pros and Cons: Offers valuable environmental data; initial cost and setup may be high.

  • Customer Reviews Highlight: "Insightful data on home environment, contributing to healthier living."

  • Price Range: $100-$250

Netatmo Smart Weather StationNetatmo Smart Weather Station

18. Nanoleaf Shapes - Hexagon Smarter Kit

  • Why It's a Must-Have: Offers customizable, modular light panels that create stunning visual displays and can sync with music.

  • Key Features: Color-changing LED panels, connectable in any design, touch-responsive, app-controlled.

  • Pros and Cons: Provides unique and customizable lighting; may be considered a luxury item with a higher price point.

  • Customer Reviews Highlight: "Transformed my room into a dynamic and interactive art piece."

  • Price Range: $100-$300

Nanoleaf Shapes - Hexagon Smarter KitNanoleaf Shapes - Hexagon Smarter Kit

19. Moen Flo Smart Water Shutoff

  • Why It's a Must-Have: Monitors and controls your home's water supply to prevent leaks and save on water usage.

  • Key Features: Real-time monitoring, automatic shutoff for leak detection, remote control via app.

  • Pros and Cons: Great for preventing costly water damage; requires professional installation.

  • Customer Reviews Highlight: "Peace of mind with water usage and leak protection."

  • Price Range: $200-$500

Moen Flo Smart Water ShutoffMoen Flo Smart Water Shutoff

20. LG Styler Steam Closet

  • Why It's a Must-Have: A smart solution for clothes care, using steam to refresh, deodorize, and sanitize garments without washing.

  • Key Features: Steam technology, refreshes clothes in minutes, gentle on fabrics, reduces allergens.

  • Pros and Cons: Offers convenient and efficient garment care; high price and significant space requirement.

  • Customer Reviews Highlight: "Innovative way to keep clothes fresh and extend their life."

  • Price Range: $8,000-$2,000

LG Styler Steam ClosetLG Styler Steam Closet

Make the Most of Your Tax Refund with Smart Home Technology

Prioritize Convenience and Security

Prioritize convenience and security by investing in smart home devices that elevate both the ease of your daily life and the safety of your living environment. A smart lock or video doorbell not only enhances the security of your home, allowing you to monitor and control access remotely, but also delivers significant peace of mind knowing your loved ones and possessions are protected. Meanwhile, devices like smart thermostats and smart lighting systems streamline your home’s energy usage and illuminate your space just the way you like it, all while being controllable with simple voice commands or a few taps on your smartphone. These technological advancements ensure that your home not only stays secure but also adapts seamlessly to your lifestyle, making everyday tasks more manageable and intuitive.

Consider Long-Term Savings

Choose devices that will save money in the long run, turning your smart home investment into cost savings over time. A smart thermostat, for example, can significantly reduce your energy bills by optimizing your heating and cooling schedules and adjusting to your habits for efficiency without sacrificing comfort. Similarly, smart LED bulbs, though more expensive upfront, consume less energy and have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs, offering considerable savings on electricity bills and replacement costs. Investing in these smart technologies not only enhances your living experience but also contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle, reducing your overall carbon footprint.

Start Small

You don't need to overhaul your entire home at once to enjoy the benefits of smart technology. Starting with a few key devices can make a big difference in your home's functionality and comfort, allowing you to experience the convenience of smart living without a significant initial investment. Begin with areas that matter most to you, whether it's security with a video doorbell and smart lock or efficiency with a smart thermostat. This approach not only makes the transition to a smart home more manageable but also lets you assess and appreciate the value of each addition, guiding your future smart home decisions with personal experience and insight.

Invest in Smart Home Tech this Spring

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your home, and with the added bonus of your tax refund, investing in smart home technology is a smart choice. Not only can these devices improve your daily life, but they can also provide long-term savings and increase your home's value! Explore the best smart home devices today and step into a more convenient, secure, and efficient home this spring.

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